The Co-Chairs would like to welcome you to ECSEPS 2019 hosted by York University!

Sandy Mosher

I am currently a second year PhD student being co-supervised by Dr. Jessica Fraser-Thomas and Dr. Joseph Baker. My research focuses on development pathways in sport with a particular interest in early specialization. I am Grateful for the opportunity to help host ECSEPS 2019!


Victoria Larocca

I am currently a first year PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Rebecca Bassett-Gunter. My research area focuses on promoting physical activity for children and youth with disabilities. I am very excited to help in hosting ECSEPS 2019 and look forward to meeting you all!


Shruti Patelia

I am currently in the second year of my doctoral studies. Broadly, my research examines the psychosocial outcomes of sport participation among older adults under the supervision of Dr. Joe Baker. Specifically, by observing older adults who regularly participate in competitive sport, I am trying to explore if sport is an avenue for positive development or positive ‘assets’. I look forward to seeing all the interesting projects at ECSEPS 2019!